Monday, October 4, 2010

I Can Bring The Horse to the water, But I can't force the horse to drink the water

This semester is coming to an end. It is already October and examination will start on the third week of this month. This the hell time for the students with all the replacement classes and submission of projects and assignment are just round the corner. To all students, this normal in any student's life. Don't get panic. Just press on. The reward is you will get your holiday in November and December.

Yesterday, the online test using I-Learn is held. All is OK but of course, new thing for the students. It start a little bit slow, the progress and result are fantastic. But, there are some fail to take test. Even for part time students, there are some missing. For some unknown reason, they mysteriously disappear. Well! there will no back up test. Pity them, they are losing 20 marks out 100. They choose their own destiny.

As a lecturer, I try my best to accommodate all the shortcomings of the students but as I always said, I can bring the horse to the water but I can't force the horse to drink the water. I'm only a facilitator but it is up to the students to grab all the opportunities given.