Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terrorism In Mumbai

We heard and listen to Mumbai siege by the terrorist group. After 60 hours, everything end. Is that so? I believe is the beginning of years of revenge by the parties attacked, their supporters and their so – called friend countries. History has shown that the aftermath of September 11, almost all friends of United States, blatantly use this excuse of fighting terrorism to put war on Muslims all over the world, directly or indirectly.

Now there is a stupid group calling themselves Deccan Mujahedeen give the enemies of Islam, another excuse to attack Muslims once again. I could agree this, the response and revenge of the bombing by American drone planes on Pakistan or it is related to Kashmir problem, but to attack innocent civilians and destroy and demolish public property is the right way to do it. In Islamic teaching even in the event of war there rules to follow. You can’t kill women, children and even soldiers if they have surrender or put their weapon down. I don’t know if this group understands the art of war in Islam or they just being motivated by such hatred and vengeance so they just blindly follow order to attack Mumbai.

I’m condemning this act as the act of terrorism. It has nothing to with religion. It’s sad that is done by Muslims. I always pray that this act of terrorism won’t happen in Malaysia. Although we are peaceful country, everyone regardless race, religion or belief must protect our surrounding for this kind of act terrorism. Malaysia is our land, and we Malaysian must protect it all of cost. I do hope Malaysian take lessons to what happening in Mumbai and don’t let it happen in Malaysia. We shouldn’t start even a small spark of fire on the sensitive matters. And we shouldn’t point finger to anyone because if you point a finger to a person, three fingers are pointing back to you.
I do hope Malaysian of all levels especially the politicians appreciate the peace and harmony in Malaysia. Take proactive action to protect it not to destroy it.

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